Three generations of Greek-American ophthalmologists serve generations of patients

Dr. Louis Michaelos, 90, his son Dr. John Michaelos, his son Dr. Louis Michaelos and Louis’ brother, who works alongside them in the office, in Largo, Florida. Credit: St. Michael’s Eye and Laser Institute/Facebook

In 1961, Dr. Louis Michaelos had no way of knowing that his fledgling ophthalmology practice would become a dynasty of three ophthalmologists, all treating generations of patients under one roof.

But this is the astonishing result, nearly 60 years later, when at 90 he works alongside his son, Dr. John Michaelos, and John’s son, Dr. Louis Michaelos. The Largo, Florida-based practice is the result of many years of nurturing and nurturing.

Dr. Louis Michaelos. Credit: St. Michael’s Eye and Laser Institute website

Senior ophthalmologist Michaelos told ABC Action News interviewers in Florida that he was “proud, very proud” knowing that he is responsible for creating such a local institution and that he could work alongside his son and grandson.

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Seeing patients only once a week now, the nonagenarian has the pleasure of knowing that the practice he worked so hard to create is now in the able hands of his son, Dr John Michaelos – and also, since last year, his grandson, Dr. Louis Michaëlos.

He says “I like being with the community, really” as another aspect of the practice that brings him to the office every week. One of the core values ​​of St. Michael’s Eye and Laser Institute is also to maintain a “family environment”, where the practice setting “fosters a sense of trust and support for the staff members and patients we serve” .

Dr. John Michaelos. Credit: St. Michael’s Eye and Laser Institute website

For his part, the new member of the team declares: “I am delighted to take up the family torch. He told interviewers he never imagined he would ever work alongside his father and grandfather in the same office he played in when he was young.

He explains, “Having him (his grandfather) with such a passion for caring for patients also left an imprint and a fingerprint on my style of caring for patients.”

The three men provide comprehensive eye care to the greater Largo area, including glaucoma and cataract surgery as well as LASIK surgery. Current practice director Dr John Michaelos says now it’s time for him to readjust slightly in the way he sees himself at work, as he’s no longer the “youngster” in the office.

Dr. Louis Michaelos. Credit: St. Michael’s Eye and Laser Institute website

He tells investigators “Not so long ago, a patient, when I walked into the room, this patient said, ‘Wait a minute, I’m here to see the son,’ and I felt like wool.”

Dr. Louis says that some of the practice’s patients have been cared for by him for over fifty years now, and now those patients’ grandchildren are cared for by his own grandson.

For his part, the new member of the team, Dr. Louis, explains “It’s in our blood, it’s what we do.