Shannon Honeycutt opens Mogadore Eye Care

Heading south on Cleveland Avenue from Mogadore Square, you’ll pass one of the newest businesses in town, Mogadore Eye Care, which opened in May. Redeveloped on a site that was once a former tanning salon, the building has been transformed into an attractive and practical structure both outside and inside. Stepping inside for the first time, I was first greeted by receptionist Sue and optician Candace into a very attractive open space with glossy white table desks and shelves of eyewear choices lined up on the walls. The interior’s light colors enhance the space, creating an openness that welcomes patients inside.

The owner of Mogadore Eye Care is optometrist Shannon Honeycutt, who attended Springfield High School. After high school, she began studying education at Mount Union University with the intention of teaching, but after a semester she decided to take a different direction.

A high school experience with a corneal ulcer had sparked her interest in eyes and eye care. After visiting a medical center and talking to a pharmacist about what eye drops to buy, Honeycutt had her eye patched by her GP who recommended that she make an appointment with her eye doctor.

Her optometrist, Dr. Dodd, saw her on a Saturday and prescribed eye drops that healed her ulcer. “It was the first time I really thought about optometrists doing more than glasses and contacts. In my situation, an eye doctor was the only person who could diagnose my eye problem and know how to treat it properly,” Honeycutt said.

Honeycutt graduated from Mount Union University with a degree in biochemistry. During her undergraduate years, she followed a few optometrists and decided to pursue further studies in the field. Honeycutt then graduated from the Ohio State University College of Optometry, participating in its four-year program, with the final year being the one that involved required rotations and clinical experience.

After graduating from the Ohio State University College of Optometry, Honeycutt worked part-time for other doctors, often splitting her work time into two days for one office and two days for another. She learned a lot about how other offices work and was able to integrate and use many best practices when she launched Mogadore Eye Care. Honeycutt explained that through her previous positions, she gained significant experience working with patients. However, learning to manage the business side of Mogadore Eye Care was new to her.

Honeycutt offers eye exams, eye exams for diabetics, eyeglasses and contact lenses for children and adults. One of the benefits of getting prescription glasses from her is that she has access to an “edge cutter”. This means that once she determines patients’ prescriptions, their lenses can be “cut” and “trimmed” on an on-site machine, eliminating much of the waiting time to get those glasses to the patient.

When asked if COVID-19 has affected her business, Honeycutt noted that she may have delayed opening Mogadore Eye Care for a short time. However, she also felt she didn’t want to wait too long, hence the start in May. She said most people were very cooperative about masking in the building.

Wanting to stay in this neighborhood to be close to her family, Honeycutt expands her clientele. What she likes the most in Mogadore is that she gets to know the people of the community. Welcome to the village, Dr. Honeycutt.


The Green Door Drama Club at Mogadore High School presents a play, “The Mysterious Murder at Manchester Manor”, a mystery about two teenage girls who are average teenagers by day, but private detectives by night. One night, abandoning a broken down car, they drive to an old house where a family birthday party is taking place, only to find that the person whose birthday is being celebrated turns out to be dead. The detectives must use their detective powers to outsmart the family members in order to find the culprit.

The play is Thursday, November 18, Friday, November 19, and Saturday, November 20 at 7 p.m. with a matinee on Saturday, November 20 at 2 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online or at the high school Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. . Ticket prices are $9 for preferred seats, $7 for general seats and $5 for discount seats. The reduced price is available for students (K-college), children and seniors (60 years and over).

Masks are recommended and everyone in attendance must be free of symptoms of COVID.


Best wishes to all for a happy Thanksgiving.

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