SEE The Most Voted Eye Doctors For Families In Kalamazoo – 2022

ByMartha R. Camara

May 27, 2021

Child-friendly eye exams + selection of an ophthalmologist

Visual appointments can seem intimidating for children. They include big machines, bright lights, and stationary sitting. Is it doable with young children? How can a toddler “read” an eye chart?

This is where finding the right eye care provider makes a big difference: with a kid-friendly eye doctor, the lights won’t seem too bright or the machines too scary. And “reading” can include seeing a rabbit instead of a letter.

Common eye conditions in children

trouble concentrating/aligning the eyes

eye infections

eye trauma/injury

vision correction (glasses/contacts)

Kalamazoo offers a number of eye doctors who patiently assess and treat your child’s vision. Every name in this guide received significant votes of our readers.

All of the sponsors you see were first voted on by our readers and then asked to offer more information about their practice.

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