RightEye Launches Eye Care’s First Automated Sensorimotor Examination for Binocular Vision Testing

BETHESDA, Maryland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RightEye LLC, an advanced eye tracking technology company, has launched the world’s first automated quantitative sensorimotor examination system.

RightEye Sensorimotor is an easy-to-use, all-in-one examination system that optometrists and ophthalmologists can perform on every patient, allowing them to objectively identify and quickly resolve binocular vision problems and oculomotor dysfunctions. The comprehensive hardware and software solution easily integrates into the practice’s existing patient flow, requiring little or no non-billable physician time. And, because it’s reimbursable by insurance, it can add substantial additional revenue to a practice.

Sensorimotor is an examination of the basic ocular motor component of an optometric or ophthalmic examination and detects, assesses, monitors and/or manages strabismus and oculomotor conditions. The importance of this test is emphasized by the American Medical Association which lists a quantitative sensorimotor examination as a required part of a comprehensive eye exam. Sensorimotor exams are also recommended by the American Ophthalmology Association, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

“RightEye Sensorimotor was designed to integrate seamlessly into an eye care provider’s pre-testing and examination pathways,” said Keith Smithson, OD, Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry. “By performing RightEye Sensorimotor on every patient, ophthalmologists can elevate their care and identify previously untreated binocular vision and oculomotor dysfunctions.”

Studies show that 30% of people have binocular vision problems or oculomotor dysfunction. All physicians understand the importance of performing sensory-motor exams on their patients to identify these problems, but until now, traditional manual exams have been time consuming and have not provided the quantifiable data or accurate reports that facilitate diagnosis. diagnosis and treatment.

The industry-leading eye tracking technology built into RightEye Sensorimotor enables physicians to efficiently deliver invaluable patient service that differentiates their practice from their competitors. Projections can be made in less than 30 seconds by a technician. If the patient fails the screening and the physician identifies a medical necessity, the fully automated sensorimotor exam can be performed in less than 5 minutes. Data-rich test results are produced in seconds, allowing physicians to immediately develop and deliver their diagnosis to the patient.

“We worked hand-in-hand with insurance billing experts and the nation’s top ophthalmologists to develop this breakthrough technology,” said Adam Gross, CEO and co-founder of RightEye. “I’m excited to be able to bring this to market so physicians can provide improved care to their patients – quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.”

About RightEye

RightEye is an eye movement behavior biomarker company that uses advanced eye tracking technology to revolutionize eye care. RightEye technology assesses patients for binocular vision, visual impairment, reading impairment and performance issues following an evidence-based, measurement-driven methodology. Using a cloud-based platform, RightEye provides data-rich reports that provide an objective and measurable way to view the quality of a person’s eye movements and monitor the success of various treatments. RightEye’s customers include recognized eye care providers, professional and amateur sports teams, hospital systems, rehabilitation centers and the US military.

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