Ophthalmologists help community with mobile eye care center

SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) – Amid recovery efforts, the last thing on anyone’s mind is going to doctor’s appointments.

However, many appointments like eye care appointments can be essential in our daily lives.

Going to the doctor a week after Hurricane Laura lands may seem impossible, but that doesn’t change the fact that people need to do it.

Four optometrists from southwest Louisiana come together to run a mobile eye care clinic in Sulfur.

The mobile clinic has two exam rooms that allow doctors to provide services to the community in need during these difficult times.

“I’ve been in the desert for seven months deployed with the National Guard and my prescription expired while I was away. I couldn’t get any contacts due to an expired prescription and I had an appointment set for Thursday of last week just as Laura was knocking then…and then the contacts I had are they just disappeared,” Brian Brossard said.

After a few phone calls, Broussard discovered the mobile eye care clinic and was able to get his contact lenses.

Optometrists also provide emergency services and replace broken glasses.

“It’s by appointment only and we take emergency calls. The phone number is (337) 607-9009. We will assess their situation to see what they need and we are fortunate to have three additional doctors who are available on call to help them.

Doctors say eye care is essential right now as people work to rebuild their homes and try to regain some sense of normalcy.

“It’s during those times when we’re outside cleaning, working in our yard and that’s when we get things in our eyes and this stuff and these can be very painful.”

The doctors not only want to help our community, but also the people who help Southwest Louisiana.

“We so appreciate all the utility workers, the tree service people, all the people who are not from here who come to help out. So we want to be available to help these guys and girls if they need anything.

A helping hand that means so much to our communities in times of need.

“I’m very grateful to him for being here and being able to give this to us because without being able to see it’s quite difficult, quite difficult to go about your daily business.”

The Mobile Eye Care Clinic is open to everyone at SWLA and is located across from Vision Source in Sulfur.

They’ll ask for your insurance card and driver’s license, but the doctors say if for some reason you don’t have medical insurance and you need it urgently, let them know because they want to help you.

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