MaxiVision and Aswini Netralayam Announce Joint Venture to Create Leading Eye Care Chain in Guntur and Prakasam Districts

MaxiVision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals based in Hyderabad and Aswini Netralayam in Narasaraopet (Guntur District) of Dr. AAV Ramalinga Reddy, a renowned Eye Surgeon who graduated from AIIMS Delhi and have over 35 years of healthcare practice eye care in Narasaraopet district, have entered into a joint venture to create a super specialty eye care chain in various cities on the coast of Andhra Pradesh with cutting-edge affordable eye care technology for all economic segments. Aswini Netralayam under the leadership of Dr. Ramalinga Reddy is one of the largest eye care service providers in Narsaraopet, with Super Specialty technology, and specialists. Aswini Netralayam is one of the best eye hospitals to have NABH accreditation among eye care players in the region. .This model of dynamic growth of practice development in the joint venture will be the 2nd unique model of Maxivision Group, to develop in joint venture and common brand, with renowned surgeons from each potential city. 2019 Oct Maxivision entered into a pilot joint venture model with 25-year-old reputable eye care practice of Dr. Sarath Babu Chilukuri as Sharat Maxivision Eye Hospitals and spread to Telangana with 7 eye care centers from 2021 The JV model is to build and complement the practices of reputable locally established physicians by enhancing and improving technology, adding efficient and professional management and clinical expertise, improving patient care processes and leveraging the Maxivision brand in synergy with a local brand. The 35-year-old Dr. Ramalinga Reddy Hospital will now expand with joint venture brand MAXIVISION DR.AAV RAMALINGA REDDY, to Macherla and Guntur from December 2021, and other potential cities districts of Prakasam after April 2022.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. GSK Velu – Chairman of MaxiVision Super Specialty Eye Group of Hospitals said that with these new joint ventures, MaxiVision has become an undisputed leader in the eye care industry in both Telugu states, namely Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and is aiming high to be the second largest eye care service provider in India by 2022. We are pleased to forge an alliance with Aswini Netralayam Dr.AAV Ramalinga Reddy, an eye care practitioner from foreground, in the district of Guntur, and we have partnered with this company. We are aiming at MaxiVision to be the second largest eye care chain in India, with around 100 hospitals, with 600 crore top line, over 400 doctors and super specialists. Welcoming delegates, Mr. Sudheer, COO of Maxivision Group of Eye Hospitals, said. Maxivision is now a network of 20 super specialty eye care hospitals. Maxivision’s expansion plan will be entirely new, along with joint ventures with reputable ethical eye care practitioners. Maxivision will continue its expansion plan in Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa in 2022 and redefine the competitive landscape. The joint venture model with Dr.Sharat in Warangal has grown 3x since its inception and both promoters have gained reputation and wealth through the growth driven business model. This encourages a number of other reputable practitioners in various states to come forward and forge the pattern with Maxivision. Elaborating further on the JV Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy, Founding Mentor, Co-Chairman of MaxiVision Super Specialty Eye Hospital Group said on “25 years ago I came back from England and found Maxivision Group. Maxivision’s merger with the professional society headed by Dr. Velu has given me plenty of space to focus on improving excellence in my practice, doing various research and innovations in the field of eye care, and the network has also grown exponentially, which would not have happened under my individual leadership. The company’s joint venture model has opened up a barrage of practice expansion opportunities to various physicians who own large hospitals but are unable to justify or balance both clinical practice and the growth of the company.

Ophthalmologists should focus on patient care, surgical excellence and research, and business management, expansion and strategic management should be left to professionals. This is where this unique JV model works. It gives wings to the ambitions of good practices. Dr.AAV Ramalinga Reddy, a good friend of mine, and hailing from my hometown Narsaraopet, is an exemplary surgeon, with a vision to grow. Together, under the leadership and guidance of Dr. GSK Velu and a team of professionals, this group will evolve towards the vision in no time.” Speaking on the occasion, Managing Director of Dr AAV Ramalinga Reddy, Aswini Netralayam added “I have always had a vision in my mind to expand my practice into potential Tier 2 and Tier 2 cities. 3 of Andhra Pradesh from where many patients come to my hospital in Narasaraopet. After the bifurcation of the state and the emergence of new cities and populations, the need for eye care is increasing alarmingly, in every pocket of these two states. Seeing MaxiVision grow as an undisputed leader, in Telangana and AP, I decided to partner with them, forge energies and grow with a network of super specialized eye care providers. I am confident that Dr.GSK Velu, a dynamic health entrepreneur, Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy, who is a pioneer in eye health, we will be very successful in this journey.Dr.Sharat Babu Chilukuri, who has merged its practice with Maxivision at JV Sharat Maxivision Eye Hospital, congratulated and welcomed the new partner. He said the joint venture formed in 2019 has grown to 4 Super Specialty Eyecare chains and 4 primary care centers in North Telangana, and now plans to expand to 6 more districts with secondary care centers and 20 primary care centers. vision in the deep rural pockets of Telangana.