Letter to the readers: Appreciation of specialist eye care during the recent medical crisis

ByMartha R. Camara

Jun 26, 2022

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I recently had a detached retina in my good eye – the other repaired by a corneal transplant 26 years ago which became warped around the edges over time.

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At that time, my transplant was in London. We didn’t have a local retina doctor at the time. I was treated here by Dr Robin Deans, a very kind and competent doctor, and Dr C. Tokarewicz in London, also kind and competent.

At this recent event, I wanted to pass on the wonderful care I received in Windsor from Dr. Fouad Tayfour and Dr. Deepa Yoganathan.

These two highly qualified ophthalmologists could not have done more or been more caring to save my eye. Dr Tayfour first saw me while Dr Yoganathon was in surgery and then she did the attachment at 4pm the same day.

In the days that followed, I saw both doctors frequently. This led Dr. Tayfour to perform emergency surgery on Good Friday to reduce the pressure in my eye.

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I received world class care locally from these two wonderful ophthalmologists. These two could have gone anywhere – being highly skilled before they got there – but chose Windsor.

Their office has a great support staff who are also very professional and caring despite being a very busy office.

I trained as a nurse years ago at Toronto General Hospital, a large teaching hospital with many good doctors. Yet, I felt that the care I had received locally was second to none.

This made me wonder if we could be designated a Center of Excellence locally for this particular specialty and perhaps also for other areas in which our local physicians excel.

I hope the new hospital will provide these medical stars with the facilities to support them, while encouraging other talented doctors and surgeons to come to Windsor, especially now that we also have a medical school located here.

Nancy Shulgan, Tecumseh

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