Kwara expands its dental and eye care centers with modern equipment

ByMartha R. Camara

May 16, 2022

The Chief Executive Officer of Management Office of Kwara State Hospital, Ilorin, North Central Nigeria, Sa’ad Oladimeji Aluko said that the ongoing renovation and the quality of equipment now available at the clinic dental and eye care centers at Ilorin General Hospital have made the facilities the best in the entire northern region after the National Eye Center at Kaduna.

The managing director said this in Ilorin over the weekend as he led journalists and some of their staff around the facilities.

He said that apart from setting up a beautiful building, the government has also equipped the dental clinic and eye center with state-of-the-art machinery of the highest quality.

“This is the dental clinic of Kwara Ilorin State General Hospital, which is now the largest dental center in Kwara State after a complete renovation,” he said.
According to him, this renovated dental clinic is meant to provide quality health care to the Kwarans.
He added that what is also critical, apart from the construction of a building worthy of this center, is the equipment that has been put in place, pointing out that the hospital now has state-of-the-art equipment of the highest quality in the world. country.

He also revealed that the standard can compete with any private or public dental facility in the country.
“The eye center is another big project that the governor of the state, Abdulrahaman AbdulRazaq had embarked on. Before now, the biggest eye center we had was at Sobi Specialty Hospital. The government had to move him to Ilorin General Hospital due to COVID-19 treatment and other technical issues.

“We have also accepted delivery of additional dialysis machines that were purchased recently. These are two new 2022 models. You know, it’s the high end, and it has increased the number of patients coming in.
He said the Bureau was working around the clock to run a round-the-clock service at the dialysis center to accommodate more patients, a plan he said will be aided by newly purchased dialysis machines.

He commended Governor AbdulRazaq for taking all the right steps to advance the delivery of quality health services in the state.

“For many private establishments that do dialysis, people are infected. Many times we manage infected patients because they are infected by some dialysis machines outside. The Governor has now seen the need for us to procure additional dialysis machines, which were provided late last year. All of this will put us (kwara) in a position where we can provide quality health services to our people.

Corroborating the DG’s remarks, Head of Ophthalmology Department at Ilorin General Hospital (GHI), Dr. Taoheed Abdullahi, said the eye center is now developed to a level that can rival all other public and private eye care centers in the region. .

“Before, we only used two rooms for the eye department where we had about three or four doctors sharing one room to take care of several patients, while the other room was dedicated to nurses to do many activities” , did he declare.

“But over time, the current government has shown great interest in ophthalmology in Kwara State by providing a dignified edifice which is fortified with many modern facilities. This gave birth to what we have here today. I will say that the facility is second to none in Kwara and can only be ranked second to the National Eye Centre, Kaduna.
“Until now, we have never had a visual field machine and a laser machine, among many others, and these are the machines that usually attract patients to the National Eye Care Center.”

Dr Abdullahi said he was confident that the center can now boast an increase in the size of referrals it receives based on the quality staff and equipment that are on the ground.

He said there are plans to turn the well-equipped facility into a training center in partnership with the relevant West African professional body.

“As the training of members for doctors begins, it will attract more personnel from Nigeria and outside and boost the image of the state government. This means that kwara will soon become an epicenter in Nigeria where people will continue to come for eye (ophthalmology) services,” he said.

“In terms of attendance since we moved into this facility, we have had no less than a 60% increase in clientele of patients coming for our services. I believe that by the time more people hear about this good development, patronage will increase.