Hubbell Eye Care in Lakeland now under new ownership

LAKELAND – The Hubbell Eye Clinic brand in Lakeland will be replaced by Clarkson Eyecare to reflect a change in ownership.

Gerard Hudson Hubbell, the former eye clinic’s namesake, will continue to see patients in his office at 924 S. Florida Ave. Hubbell’s staff and opticians also stayed with him to continue serving patients at Clarkson.

New Clarkson signs will arrive soon, and opticians and office workers will eventually don new uniforms.

The rebranding was announced in February after the new owner took over, according to Clarkson’s website, which is also the former company’s new landing page in web searches.

“Patients can expect the same personalized care they’ve had since 1977, simply under a new name,” said Diane Seward, director of communications for EyeCare Partners, the new owners.

Seward said the Clarkson Eyecare office will continue to provide a full range of professional eye care services, including comprehensive eye and eye health exams for adult and pediatric patients, lens adjustments and care. contact, emergency eye care and treatment of eye diseases.

“As part of Clarkson Eyecare, patients will enjoy the same great service as well as expanded frame offers and promotions in the months ahead,” she said.

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Hubbell retained ownership of the doctor’s office, which has a fair market value of $455,840, according to county records. The transaction amount for the company was not immediately available.

Hubbell, a Winter Haven native, was recognized by former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush for his efforts to provide eye care to low-income people in rural areas through the Vision USA Program – a service volunteer he started in college.

In 2016, Hubbell, then 66, was featured in a register report for his musical talents as a saxophonist in a band over 55 in Winter Haven. Her love of music began in fifth grade, according to the report. He also has an aeronautical engineering degree and worked in avionics for the Air National Guard, and is a fan of fine sports cars, according to the report. He holds a pilot’s license and was previously a diving instructor.

The Clarkson Eyecare brand was founded in 1979 by optometrist Lawrence J. Jehling, whose first office was on Clarkson Road in Ellisville, Missouri, according to its website.

Clarkson Eyecare is owned by EyeCare Partners, which has a network of over 300 ophthalmologists and 700 optometrists.