How ophthalmologists are adapting to provide safer eye exams beyond PPE and sterilization

By nature, eye exams are intimate and personal. Yet how do you achieve safe and acceptable social distancing for patients? The latest in eye care technology now allows doctors to perform many tests from over 6 feet away, from another room or even from distant locations, and with even greater accuracy.

Marco Ophthalmic, a leader in vision diagnostics, has developed the latest refractive technology (used to determine new glasses/contact lens prescriptions) which is becoming the new standard in the post-COVID-19 world. Marco’s technology gives eyecare professionals the flexibility to perform eye exams faster while maintaining social distancing (they can operate a control panel more than 6 feet away) and even offer complete solutions telemedicine using web cameras to interact with patients. Marco technology also provides greater efficiency, helping to reduce time spent in the exam room and limit physician and patient exposure without affecting exam quality. In fact, Marco technology can even improve the patient experience.

Historically, when a patient was asked the well-known question, “Which is better – 1 or 2?”, they were shown two different images, while the physician switched from lens to lens. other. Now, thanks to new technology, the patient can view the images side by side. It is easier to give better answers to the doctor which, in turn, results in a more precise prescription.

dr. Coby Ramseywho uses the technology at the Ramsey Eye Care Center in Rock Springs, Wyoming said: “When COVID hit, we still wanted to be efficient and thorough, and we also wanted to be safe. In the future, we will need to be even more aware of safe practices, and this is the new standard in eye care. it doesn’t just mean staying 6 feet apart, it means doing everything we can to reduce exposure and keep our staff and patients healthy. »

dr. Eric Hammondwhich operates Lakeline Vision Source in Cedar Park, Texassaid: “A lot of people think you’ll lose your personal touch by doing exams in another room. But now more than ever, I think patients are more grateful and more comfortable. As we begin to resume routine eye exams, I’ve found that patients are even more grateful for the extra protective measures we’ve taken between our sterilization practices and the technology we’ve invested in.”

Dr Ramsey added: “We are also planning to introduce teleoptometry into our practice. Patients will continue to come to the office and go through our advanced testing technology, while I can remotely analyze results, prescribe what is needed, and accommodate my busy patient schedules while providing the best care for their eye health. . It’s a new world we live in, and we’re adapting to better adapt to protect our staff and patients.

*Editor’s note: Marco can help you find eye doctors in your area if you want to report on this technology. Please email [email protected].

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