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ByMartha R. Camara

Jul 26, 2022

Eye care tips: Currently, the number of people suffering from eye problems is increasing. With the advent of smartphones due to technology, online courses mostly work on mobile devices, eye problems arise due to workers sitting in front of computers and laptops for hours. Ophthalmologists say to take foods, green vegetables, fruits and other vitamins that improve eye health at such a time. Nowadays, from small children to adults, everyone must wear glasses. Ayurvedic experts give advice and suggestions to improve eyesight. It is suggested that eating certain foods can keep your eyes healthy. Let’s see.

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  1. Salad: Everyone knows that green vegetables are very good for eyesight. Doctors also recommend consuming more green vegetables. In this setting, taking different types of leafy vegetables like spinach and spinach can improve eyesight. Otherwise, milk curry is very beneficial due to the high number of vitamins and minerals. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and high antioxidant count, it plays a vital role in people with eye problems. In addition, it prevents eye problems.
  2. Dried fruits: Dried fruits are useful for boosting immunity. They are not only tasty but also improve eyesight. It also removes eye problems. It is rich in vitamin E and healthy fats. For this reason, experts reveal that they play a vital role in improving eyesight.
  3. Orange: Orange also plays a vital role in controlling eye problems. The antioxidants it contains solve eye problems. Oranges provide the vitamin A your eye retina needs.
  4. Linseed : Ophthalmologists say that sunflower seeds are very helpful in improving eye health. It is rich in protein and healthy fats. They play a vital role in waste disposal. These will help improve the health of your eyes.
  5. Carrot juice: Carrageenan juice is good for the eyes. It contains beta-carotene. It is very useful for keeping the eyes healthy. Experts say that if you drink carrot juice first thing in the morning, it will be very beneficial. Carrot juice is said to be very helpful in curing eye problems.

(Note: The content is for informational purposes only. It is provided according to the advice and instructions of experts. Consult an ophthalmologist if you have any doubts.)

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