Dr. David A. DelPrincipe takes North Coast Eye Care into the community – Morning Journal

ByMartha R. Camara

Aug 20, 2022

Dr. David A. DelPrincipe has been an optician throughout Lorain County for 29 years.

But DelPrincipe, originally from Lorain, is unique because he takes his practice into the community.

On August 18, he cared for residents of Danbury Senior Living, 33770 Bagley Road in North Ridgeville.

One of the residents was Viola Liptoc, 106.

The relationship started because of a video Liptoc showed at DelPrincipe.

“(The video) was Viola saying, ‘Hey Dr. Dave. I would really like you to come and give me an eye exam,'” he said. “And that just melted me.”

He said he looked at one of his assistants and said, “We have to go and do that eye exam.”

The appointment was set so the doctor could see his new patient.

DelPrincipe has been seeing Liptoc for over a year.

On August 18, he spent part of the afternoon talking to residents about vision care and eyeglasses.

“We are in partnership with the community,” said DelPrincipe.

He said that was a big goal for this calendar year.

DelPrincipe said this year he began working with schools in the town of Lorain to care for students who need eye care.

He also said his practice is reaching out to long-term care facilities such as Danbury to partner up so he can treat residents with eye care.

DelPrincipe said he brings his equipment with him and is able to train mostly on the road.

He said his practice is working on getting a mobile care van so he can go to schools, businesses and factories as early as next year to treat people.

DelPrincipe said this is part of its five-year goal.

He also said he was available to come and do eye exams for homebound patients.

“We’ll go to one of our housebound patients, and we’ll say to the (sons or daughters), ‘Hey, we’re going to do the exam for (your relative),'” DelPrincipe said.

He also said he has big plans for this mobile care van when he secures it.

DelPrincipe said his practice wouldn’t be what it is today without the people he has around him at North Coast Eye Care.

North Coast Eye Care has three locations in Lorain County, Amherst/Lorain, North Ridgeville and Avon.

For more information, call 440-282-2020 or 440-282-1256 for the Amherst/Lorain office, 1541 Cooper Foster Park Road; call 440-327-2747 or 440-327-0947 for the North Ridgeville office at 35888 Center Ridge Road; or call 440-934-0055 for Avon’s office at 38530 Chester Road, Suite 200.