Celebrating 12 Years of Shinagawa: Providing World-Class Eye Care and Better Vision to All Filipinos

ByMartha R. Camara

Aug 29, 2022

MANILA, Philippines — Eye health has gained momentum during the pandemic, with each individual’s screen time increasing by around 50% to 70%.

In order to avoid long-term visual damage and eye strain, more and more Filipinos are now seeking professional help to lessen its effects. As it celebrates its 12th year in the industry, Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetics reinforces its commitment to providing world-class eye care to all Filipinos.

Shinagawa LASIK & Aesthetics Center is Japan’s most valued eye care provider, championing world-class technology and medical expertise.

Twelve years ago, their operations in the Philippines marked their first business to open outside of Japan. Bringing his integrated approach to ophthalmology, which integrates advanced ocular laser systems with the expertise of a certified medical team, has earned him a prestigious reputation among Filipinos.

Known for its advanced technological procedures, Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetics have acquired one of the world’s most advanced ocular laser systems for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery, called the Schwind Amaris 1050RS.

Shinagawa’s range of services are US FDA approved and include advanced eye and laser treatments such as LASIK, PresbyMAX, corneal collagen crosslinking, implantable contact lenses and refractive lens exchange, cataract surgery laser-assisted and pediatric ophthalmology.

Other treatments such as dry eye screening, comprehensive eye screening, cataract screening, Blephex and eye consultations are also offered. In addition to ophthalmology, Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetics also offers a high-end and advanced range of aesthetic and orthodontic services.

“Since we opened the business in the Philippines, we have seen that Filipinos continue to seek world-class eye care services that champion the best service for serious treatments such as LASIK surgery. Understanding delicate care and precision needed for such treatments and procedures, Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetics continue to provide cutting-edge technology and premium care to those in need of vision correction as we continue to expand our presence in the Philippines,” said Masako Uemori, President of Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetics, Philippines.

Gift of better vision

Free medical consultations with the Civil-Military Operations Regiment of the Philippine Army

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As the country’s leading provider of premium eye care services, Shinagawa also strives to improve the accessibility of its world-class services to all Filipinos.

Guided by this goal, Shinagawa is committed to helping underserved communities provide them with equal opportunities for better eye health. Shinagawa assists its beneficiary partners with eye care solutions through various programs such as community mobilization and volunteer efforts, assisting the visually impaired as well as supporting those in need of vision correction procedures.

To ensure optimal eye care for the nation’s essential workers, Shinagawa has partnered with the Philippine Army’s Civil-Military Operations Regiment (CMOR).

As an official eye care partner of CMOR, Shinagawa will conduct nationwide outreach programs to support the overall eye health of its members and military troops.

Through this partnership, CMOR members can participate in regular eye exams and medical missions, as well as enjoy exclusive discounts on Shinagawa eye treatments. These efforts are further supported by its range of webinars that serve as reminders of awareness of proper eye care, especially in the digital age.

“Through our partnership with Shinagawa, we can support our troops and ensure they have the healthy vision that is essential to their work. Our essential workers also deserve to feel cared for. By providing them with these eye health opportunities, we also hope to make their eye health a priority,” said General Arvin R. Lagamon.

Celebrating 12 Years of Shinagawa: Providing World-Class Eye Care and Better Vision to All Filipinos
LASIK Surgery with SEA Games Table Tennis Silver Medalist John Russel Misal

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Shinagawa also fuels the creativity and passion of Filipinos by providing assistance in vision repair services for top performing Filipinos.

Part of Shinagawa’s efforts is to help select candidates with their vision correction procedures through free LASIK surgery.

This program reinforces the company’s commitment to being a partner in national development and reaching its full potential. The most recent recipient is SEA Games silver medalist John Russel Misal. Misal needed LASIK surgery to continue playing competitive table tennis. He was later rewarded by Shinagawa with free LASIK surgery, allowing him to compete in the 2022 SEA Games, which later led to him winning the country’s first medal in table tennis.

“I am very grateful to Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetics who have helped me and other athletes see better and excel in our sports. Before my surgery, I was determined to continue playing despite my sight issues. But now I can see clearly and am able to play my best and make my country and my family proud,” shared John Misal, SEA Games silver medalist for table tennis.

Besides essential workers and achievers, Shinagawa is also extending its support to many Filipino students across the country. Together with the Eye Care We Care Foundation, Shinagawa is working to donate 1,000 pairs of glasses to visually impaired students at their partner schools. The company will set up donation boxes at all of its branches where customers can donate their old glasses, fostering a collective and sustainable movement for eye care.

By complementing communities that need eye support, Shinagawa is able to advance the importance of good eye health and prevention. His groundbreaking programs and services then provided all Filipinos with resistance and protection against long-term eye conditions such as blindness and refractive errors.

“As we look forward to more years of expanding and treating more Filipinos, we also want to work to become one of the country’s partners in advancing the importance of eye health that continues to empower Filipinos every day,” Uemori concluded.