A piece of iron removed from a man’s eye at the Rajan Eye Care Hospital in Chennai

A large piece of iron measuring 13mm lodged in the right eye of a two-wheeler mechanic in Nellore

A 48-year-old man recently underwent surgery to remove a piece of iron from his eye at a private hospital. Luckily, his retina survived, ensuring he didn’t lose sight of it.

The man, a two-wheeler mechanic from Nellore, injured his right eye while repairing a motorbike. A large piece of iron measuring 13mm lodged in his right eye.

“We operated on him on Thursday. While working on a motorcycle, the piece of iron entered his eye like a missile. The whole eye was disorganized. Every tissue has been injured. He had a corneal and scleral tear, cataract and vitreous hemorrhage, endophthalmitis (eye infection) and a large intraocular foreign body,” said Mohan Rajan of Rajan Eye Care Hospital, who ran the team that operated on the man.

“When we did the scan, we never thought it would be so big. During the operation, we found that the piece of iron had impacted the retina. We had trouble removing it. Fortunately, the retina was doing pretty well. The patient is showing signs of improvement as the retina has reattached and the cornea has started to clear,” he said.

The entire surgery, which reportedly cost the patient around ₹2 lakh, was performed free of charge under the Rotary Scheme and the Chennai Vision Charitable Trust. “We fired him on Saturday and he returned to Nellore,” he added.

Dr Mohan said people such as mechanics, carpenters, welders and people employed in industries should wear eye protection to prevent foreign objects from injuring their eyes. “Everything happens in a second and there is no time to react,” he said.

Dr. Mohan was assisted by refractive surgeon Sujatha Mohan, senior vitreoretinal consultant Manoj Khatri and J. Jeenendhar Gothi, chief of anesthesiology.

The patient should return after six months for further treatment.