23 lenses came out of woman’s eye, doctors make shocking revelation News WAALI

ByMartha R. Camara

Oct 14, 2022

23 lenses came out of woman’s eye, doctors make shocking revelation

23 Contact lenses removed from the eye: Many people around the world undergo operations and surgeries costing millions of rupees to look beautiful and attractive. You must have seen many people undergo plastic surgery. Any part of the face can be replaced with its help, but sometimes such surgery is harmful. The eye is the most sensitive part of our body. It has to be taken care of, otherwise the whole life becomes chaotic. Mobile – Spending too much time on the computer screen damages the eyes and requires wearing glasses. Some people don’t like to wear glasses, so they wear contact lenses. These lenses require special care, if not properly cared for, they can damage the eyes. Currently there is a news on social media about these eye lenses Viral (Viral) have been

Currently, an incident with a woman has been revealed on social media. Due to the woman’s negligence, her eyes were damaged. Doctors removed 23 contact lenses from his eyes. Let’s find out what this whole incident is.

I loved wearing contact lenses

This event comes from America. A woman started wearing contact lenses because of difficulty seeing with her eyes. One day, she forgot to remove the contact lens from her eye. He thought he might have fallen. He bought new contact lenses and started wearing them. The surprising thing is that this incident happened for several days with this woman. She used to buy new contact lenses and wear them every time. He developed a strong passion for it, which became overwhelming for him.

Even the doctors were surprised after the eye exam

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You will be surprised to learn that this woman bought and wore 23 such lenses. Within a few days, her eye began to hurt badly. Medical examiners found up to 23 lenses in his eye. All of these lenses were placed in the upper part of the woman’s eye. Because of which his eye began to hurt. All contact lenses have now been removed from his eyes.